I, like many others, am rather bad at getting things done by the point at which they must be done. Thus, I've decided to start this blog - to train myself to do so. Because I am not a very interesting person, and I have nothing better to write about in my own life (hence the title), what I'll do is click the random article button on wikipedia and write at least 250 words (roughly one page on MS Word in MLA Format) on whatever topic pops up. No matter what that topic may be, or how much or how little I know of it, I will write at least two-hundred and fifty words on it.

I'm posting this online so that - God willing - I'll have an audience to yell at me if I fail to do so on time. I'll post said write-up every week on Wednesday (for the alliteration - Wikipedia Wednesdays). I might write other things, too, if I feel like doing so; but then again, I might not. I'll likely stop writing once college begins in the fall; but, then again, I might not. We'll see.

The url, by the way - graycure - is completely meaningless, the product of a random phrase generator. Which seems appropriate, given the subject matter.

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