Wikipedia Wednesdays - Lenda


Lenda is a settlement in Kenya’s Coast Province.

That’s all I know. All they gave me. That one sentence. No references, no history, no interesting factoids, just a single sentence. Google is not much help, either – it seems to be under the impression that Lenda is a female bodybuilding champion, which made the image results somewhat awkward.

So, what do I know about Lenda? Well, I know that it is a settlement, and I know what a settlement is; after all, Goathill was a settlement. From that, I can safely guess that a very small number of people, or at least merely a very small number of people with internet access, live there.

I know it is in Kenya, and if there is one thing I know about Kenya, it is that its people are exceptionally fast. In a non-racist way, I mean. I mean, that’s a thing, right? That Kenyans are fast? I think that’s a thing.

And I know it is on the Coast Province of Kenya. The coast in question is that of the Indian Ocean, by the way, although the city is unfortunately nowhere near the coast itself. Which is, I guess, a bad thing. For them. Although, really, I’m not too big a fan of beaches.

Based on what I know of Lenda, it is clear that this settlement on Kenya’s Coast Province cannot truly be understood until we give it a very in-depth examination, and hopefully, one day, reach two hundred and fifty words.

(I'm tired and hot and I don't really care about Lenda, okay? Give me a break.)

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