Sorry, eh!


No wikipedia posts today. I know, I know, I've left all zero of my regular readers down. Thing is, I never bothered making a post buffer like the professionals, and I'm visiting Niagara Falls right now. Apparently they get internet in Canada?

Anyway, I'm way too pooped to write anything of value right now(as opposed to my usual routine of writing nothing of value while right awake). I could note a few of the humorous differences between Canada and America; but firstly, I still have a couple more days before I get back home and secondly, The Town of Niagara Falls is nothing at all like the rest of the nation (unless Canada is filled with T-shirt vendors, tattoo parlors, haunted houses, and so-called "4-D" movie theaters).

UPDATE: Canadian Bacon is a ripoff. Don't bother, unless you really like slightly-thicker ham.

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